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PinesQuest: (A Romance Of) 2 Dimensions, or PinesQuest 2D for short, is a dungeon crawling RPG fan game based on the Disney animated TV series Gravity Falls. The game is something of a spiritual successor to the official browser game PinesQuest, using the same graphics as well as new assets in the same style. PinesQuest 2D takes place immediately following the end of the show. After falling asleep on the bus back home to Piedmont, Dipper and Mabel Pines awake to find there’s still one more strange, mystery-filled adventure waiting for them that summer...


  • An all-new original Gravity Falls story starring the Pines family and company, as they must face a new threat connected to Bill Cipher’s past and his mysterious home: The 2nd Dimension!
  • 9 playable characters! Form a party with Dipper, Mabel, Soos, Wendy, Stan, Ford, Pacifica, Gideon and even Bill!
  • More than 10 dungeons based on various locations from the show to explore!
  • More than 90 unique enemies! Battle the weird and wacky creatures of Gravity Falls!
  • Collect clues and crack codes to discover secret areas, special items and powerful weapons!
  • Ultra difficult hidden bosses for those up to the challenge!
  • Music from the show’s original score by composer Brad Breeck!
  • AND MORE!?!?


Check out the FAQ and follow the production blog for development updates!


This is a fan project made out of love for Gravity Falls, copyright of which belongs to Disney and Alex Hirsch. Those involved with the development of PinesQuest 2D do not claim any ownership over Gravity Falls and do not profit from this game, which has been created as a tribute to the animated series, by fans, for fans.

Current Build: Extended Demo Version 0.8*

*Because this game is a work in progress, the content and features of the current demo may differ from the full and completed version when it is released.

Install instructions


  1. Download the current build zip file.
  2. Create a new folder anywhere on your computer EXCEPT your desktop.
  3. Extract EVERYTHING from the zip file into this new folder.
  4. Inside the new folder will now be Game.exe
  5. Run Game.exe


  1. Follow the above instructions for Windows users through Step 4.
  2.  Download and install Wine from Wine HQ
  3. Once Wine is installed, try to run Game.exe. You should be prompted with the option to open it through Wine.
  4. Run Game.exe through Wine.

Please email novainlustris@gmail.com if you have any issues running or playing the game.


PinesQuest 2D Extended Demo v0.8.zip 354 MB

Development log


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i read the changelog of version 0.8: must i delete even my save file? i finished the demo and i don't want delete my effort (some point was hard, but after levelling i passed). In the end I wait the full game before star over the game, that i like because this update don't bring me new story, so it is not neccessary restart the adventure

the game is beautiful, i hope the release will be coming soon

Gravity Falls is a legendary animated tv show, thanks for this !


I covered this game for #1Game1Minute! As a BIG FAN of Gravity Falls, I'm super impressed with how detailed this RPG is. Great job!  

it look nice. i think i'll give a shot